Lorraine’s approach to client service was refreshing, and I learned a great deal from working with her. She’s a strategic thinker who bridges vision with implementation, and, with her extensive knowledge and experience, is a valued problem solver who can tackle client issues with diplomacy and urgency.
Deborah Kuo
Director, Planning & Portfolio Management

We chose the GVA and Teel StratVisor team out of a strong field of competing providers because of their strategic advisory experience, complementary competencies, passion for helping companies achieve top performance, and detail in their models and approach. They completed a portfolio and operations strategy for National Grid, and identified significant potential one-time savings, in addition to identifying nearly double the amount of annual operating savings from our own internal reviews. They also developed a detailed three-year roadmap of initiatives to help us realize these savings. We would highly recommend their services to other companies.
Michael Guerin
Director of Customer Service and Strategy
National Grid

Teel StratVisor Group has provided superior consulting services through practical solutions and innovative approaches. StratVisor’s hands-on approach and excellent training methods have increased tenant renewal intention rates by 200% and tenant satisfaction by 140% portfolio-wide, in addition to score improvements in 94% of all areas surveyed.
Jerry Hackney
Vice President -Property Management
Thomas Properties Group LLC

We have worked with Teel StratVisors for the last couple of years, developing a plan to improve our tenant retention. Teel did an excellent job assisting us and we have been able to increase the occupancy of our office building portfolio during these challenging financial times. We continue to utilize their services for tenant satisfaction assessments and training, and highly recommend them.
Glenn Lickstein
President, Gaedeke Group, LLC

Behringer Harvard will be rolling out Teel StratVisor’s eLearning as part of our customer service training program. I have not found anything better when it comes to training on-site personnel on this subject.
Gerald Oliver
SVP – Property Management
Behringer Harvard

I thought the modules we used to assist the training of our staff on customer service were a great tool. They provided good information for every level of our property team including the manager to the engineer to the janitorial staff and security officers.
Frittsy Mosshart
Director of Training and Transition
Behringer Harvard

Lorraine – I want to thank you for your assistance in facilitating Price Edwards & Company in our strategic planning efforts. You obviously have a very good body of practical knowledge regarding how business works in the real world. You were very helpful in pushing us to look at how we do business, how our service lines are staffed, and what alternative approaches there were to do things more efficiently. As a result, we now have some very definitive, and achievable, goals.
Ford C. Price, Jr.
Managing Partner
Price Edwards & Company

Our firm has used Strategic Real Estate Advisors and Lorraine Teel for both strategic planning and succession planning. Lorraine and her firm were great to work with. The Strategic Performance Assessment (SPA) was particularly helpful in sorting out our priorities and moving us forward.
Jim Parrack
Senior Vice President
Price Edwards & Company

I found working with the Teel Stratvisor SPA tool to be very much like its creator. It is clear, user-friendly, consistent, and drives toward results.
Kathy Margulies
National Facilities Manager
Rexel, Inc.

After taking the Strategic Performance Assessment for commercial real estate end users, I really see how this could be a benefit for any broker with existing corporate real estate relationships/accounts or for those brokers seeking to develop these types of accounts. This quick assessment tool provides immediate insight into areas of need for the client/prospect – and gives brokers pertinent information about how to target those needs to develop solutions.
Daniel Rudd
Senior Vice President
Grubb & Ellis Company

The systems StratVisor recommended and initiated for Rainier provided us with the ability to keep our data and systems in house. This proved to be an essential tool in our ability to switch out low-performing property management companies through a seamless, rapid and minimal-to-no cost transition. This is a key element in our business. The total savings over the last 3 years since we started implementation of this process and the Yardi property management applications are significant.

Additionally, the Yardi investment application provided tracking, reporting and investor relations data management for our large investor database base which includes several TIC (tenant-in- common) structures and is currently in excess of 2,800 investors. This application has proven to be an additional savings in lower staffing needs to accomplish these critical processes.

I would recommend StratVisor’s insight and critique to every business that wants to improve on their existing processes and systems.
Linda M. LeDuc
Vice President
Rainier Capital Management

The Strategic Performance Assessment (SPA) is an excellent tool to review your real estate organization’s performance on a strategic level. The easy-to-use assessment provides results by business process and by function, enabling a real estate leader to easily identify or validate where attention is required within their organization. The consultative review with the Stratvisor team is invaluable, utilizing their many years of real estate experience to create action items and tools needed to improve performance. The SPA should be part of a real estate team’s annual strategic review, measuring progress, celebrating success, and identifying the areas of focus for the next year.
Nikki Viner
Former Federal Express Corporate Real Estate Leader

The North Texas Chapter of The Counselors of Real Estate utilized Lorraine and her staff to perform a review of our membership’s satisfaction with their local chapter membership as well as their understanding of local chapter processes and operations. Teel StratVisor handled the entire process in an extremely professional and timely manner with their review resulting in a list of key focus points for Chapter leadership to benefit from in the coming years. Members of the Counselors of Real Estate tend to be thought leaders in their professions and the level of expertise Teel StratVisor displayed in their work product was critical for the acceptance and success of the end product.
Doug Prickett
CRE – Director
Archon Group, LLP

Trammell Crow Residential engaged Teel StratVisor Group to review our condominium processes in several offices. They were able to rapidly understand our business and develop best practices that we could implement quickly. I would highly recommend Teel StratVisor to anyone who is looking to take a fresh look at their business practices.
Tom Patterson
Executive Vice President
Trammell Crow Residential

Recently, Rainier Capital Management has engaged StratVisor to design and implement an accounting and investor reporting infrastructure for various real estate and corporate entities. Their insight to accounting and its application to real estate and investor reporting created a design proving to be ahead of traditional models.

StratVisor is highly respected by real estate professionals and they not only continue to deliver the highest quality work product but strives to refer others when specific expertise is necessary.
Charles M. Anglin
Senior Vice President
Rainier Capital Management

StratVisor assisted my company in a consulting and advisory assignment for Verizon Wireless in which they performed organization and portfolio analysis across approximately 6M SF of General & Administrative and Call Center space. Subsequently they made recommendations for optimization of the CRE structure and the physical real estate – of which the implementation of the recommendations would have generated an anticipated savings of $80M.

I have been thoroughly impressed with StratVisor’s professionalism, integrity, and demeanor. The quality of work that they produced has been excellent.
Daniel Rudd
Vice President
CB Richard Ellis

Teel StratVisor Group has provided superior consulting services through practical solutions and innovative approaches. Our customer service program was going nowhere. StratVisor’s hands-on approach, industry benchmarking feedback, and excellent training methods got it back on track and, further, improved our customer service program.
Jerry D. Hackney
Senior Vice President
Thomas Properties Group LLC

Thank you again for all your team’s efforts on the DDR acquisition. As always, your team performed like a champion! Your depth of market knowledge and contacts within the real estate community really helped us realize our objectives more timely and cost effectively than anticipated. It is a comfort to our investors to have a team of professionals they can trust and rely on to represent their best interests. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Karen Hering
Genesis Capital Advisors

We asked Teel StratVisor Group to enhance our site selection process by creating a standardized methodology for creating and visually depicting our trade areas in 3 cities leveraging GIS.

We were very pleased with how quickly the team assimilated the numerous data sources and developed a standardized methodology that we could leverage across our portfolio for enhanced decision making. We received a considerable amount of value for the dollars we spent and we highly recommend them for future consulting engagements!
Doug Chestnut
Senior Vice President of Investments
Gables Residential

Lorraine Teel and her team helped our corporate real estate department review metrics and best practices in the industry and benchmark them against three competitors. We leveraged some 100 metrics and data points to guide our strategic planning process for our portfolio. Their customer focused approach and leadership style resulted in a valuable product for our company. We would highly recommend Lorraine and her services to other Corporate Real Estate organizations.
Jan Deur
Vice President Corporate Real Estate

Working with Teel StratVisor Group has been one of my best decisions and I highly recommend them to any group looking to partner with a team who is professional, knowledgeable, and understands the needs facing many companies today. They have become a valuable resource to me and my team.
Jamie Kingsley
Senior Vice President
Hawkeye Partners LP

Teel StratVisor Group was engaged to assist our organization in developing and rolling out a customer service training program for our managers and staff across a 7 million square foot portfolio.
We feel the StratVisor team did an excellent job at both designing the training/ incentives and implementing the training program. We were extremely satisfied with their work and professionalism. We would absolutely use them on future projects. The program was a huge success.
Jerry D. Hackney
Senior Vice President
Thomas Properties Group LLC

The ideas StratVisor gave us more than pay for the changes we are going to make and will increase our efficiency and effectiveness and assist us as we continue to grow our business.
Jerry Cullen
Director of Real Estate
Renal Care Group, Inc

The Teel StratVisor Group focused on our most critical issues and provided The Abbey Company a defined and manageable list of recommendations.
Mike Jenkins
Chief Investment Officer
The Abbey Company

We engaged StratVisor to review a number of internal organizational structures, as well as ownership succession and transition-related issues. I found Lorraine Teel and her team to be very responsive, thought-provoking and diligent in their undertaking of this assignment. We will definitely be implementing a number of their recommendations and believe our firm will be better for having used them.
Ford C. Price, Jr.
Managing Partner
Price Edwards & Company

Thomas Properties Group (TPG) engaged Teel StratVisor Group (StratVisor) to assist us in completing our Yardi Enterprise upgrade from version 4.5 to 4.6, reviewing the use and functionality of Yardi’s construction module and development of the implementation plan for Yardi Voyager 6.0. We engaged the StratVisor team to assist us in moving to Yardi Voyager 6.0. The StratVisor team completed the overall project management, developed training materials and identified functionality enhancement options that we rolled out .

The expert assistance of the StratVisor team allowed us to use our internal resources more effectively, and provided us with a thorough and successful implementation.
Robert Morgan
Vice President Accounting & Administration
Thomas Properties Group, Inc.

Teel is a true strategic thinker, visionary and leader. Teel was asked to update the CREW Strategic Plan. As a result of their efforts on the strategy, CREW is now on track with the results of that plan.
Sharon Herrin
Herrin Commercial Real Estate

Teel brings years of “real-world” experience to bear on very difficult problems. They have the leadership skills and in-depth industry knowledge required to get the job done.
Tony Lenamon
CB Richard Ellis

Lorraine Teel and I worked together on the asset management and disposition of 120 properties and loans in locations throughout the US that were owned by 90 limited partnerships. Lorraine was always very professional, bright, practical and thorough. We could not have achieved success with the portfolio without her.
Richard Lapp
Joe Foster Company

Teel is a true leader (that) implements new ideas that work for the benefit of the members, sponsors and the beneficiaries of CREW.
Diane Caperton
Marvin F. Poer & Company

CoreNet Global’s Knowledge Center Online is a source of case studies and tools for corporate real estate leaders. One example of a strategic tool in the Knowledge Center is the CoRE 2020 Diagnostic. The diagnostic is a short readiness survey developed by Teel StratVisor that not only helps companies identify their best opportunities for improvement but also provides links to relevant articles and cases in the CoreNet Global Knowledge Center. Companies can find information in the Knowledge Center regarding Best Practices and subjects relating specifically to their company’s survey findings.
Eric Bowles
Director of Global Research
CoreNet Global