How We Work

Our Approach

Objective Decision Making

Have you ever been in a meeting in which everyone weighs in on a decision with their emotional views? Too often, this leads to disagreement and the decision, for now, is just to stay the course.

We leverage the Scorecard method to remove emotion and create a more objective decision making process.

A Scorecard is an analytical tool that creates the framework from which we evaluate complex real estate, financial, human resources, system options, and long-term implications in the context of our client’s business strategy and objectives, competing business unit priorities, and corporate risk profile

From the highest weighted Scorecard scenario, we develop a roadmap with prioritized initiatives/tasks including Quick Hits and long-term initiatives.

Diagnostics, Strategic, & Action Plans

Do you know that some areas of your organization need improvement, but do not know how to prioritize the improvement areas?

This is a quick online diagnostic that can help identify your top 3 areas for improvement and allows various members of your organization to weigh in on the areas that need focus. This 15-minute assessment can save you time and money, and will help you think outside your box.

Numerous peer companies have also completed this survey, allowing you to see where you stand in comparison to them.

Purpose of Service – To diagnose areas for improvement with a 15-minute online diagnostic assessment tool.

Intended Results – The assessment evaluates the company’s position across its portfolio and operations, as compared to peers, and guides future efforts to improve areas of greatest impact in the organization.

Structure – Multiple employees and executives complete a diagnostic assessment, within a single or across multiple departments.

StratVisor provides a one-page results summary indicating areas where the company is ahead of the industry, and the top 3 areas in which improvements can be made.

Metrics, Dashboards, & Analytics

– We will help you determine what metrics, risk indicators, measurements of success, and analytics will best benefit you.

You will gain understanding of what has happened historically using the measurements listed above, and can review and check on changes whenever you want by viewing the customized dashboard. Or pick up the report that’s designed for you and scheduled to be “pushed” to you.

  • Create leads to convert into Sales
  • Realize high Return on Investment (ROI) solutions
  • Clarify on each product and service’s margin and conversion rate
  • Benefit from best practices and experiences from serving more than 90 clients/companies across 12 industries
  • Access to C-Suite and Project Manager skillset, available 24/7, for Fractional or Outsourced support and oversight roles
  • Access to best practice tools, StratVisor, providing insights into business priorities, process for implementation and results that drive increased revenue to the bottom line

Satisfaction Assessments

If your company doesn’t use all your space for your business, you may be be able to lease some of it out to a tenant or several tenants. If and when you do, be prepared. Once you find a quality tenant, it will be important to provide the items you agreed upon. Maintaining the property to a certain level will be important to the tenant. The Satisfaction Assessment we’ve created for tenants is unique in several ways compared to the competition.

StratVisor’s Tenant Satisfaction Assessment is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of tenant satisfaction levels with the services provided by owners or property managers in the following key areas:

  • Leasing, Management, Financial, and Construction service quality
  • Problem resolution and responsiveness
  • Building Services quality and responsiveness
  • Building Amenities
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Likelihood of renewing their lease

Measuring your tenant’s satisfaction, and understanding which service components may be affecting it, allow you to take the necessary action to improve your service delivery and positively impact tenant retention. When overall tenant satisfaction ratings are high, their patience and acceptance during difficult service periods is much greater, and they are more likely to refer other tenants and renew their lease.

Rockman and StratVisor use the survey tool that contains the following unique features:

  • Customizable: Define questions and best practice answers to gauge satisfaction levels desired
  • Multiple responder feature: Allows you to survey multiple people
  • On Demand: Ready when you are – surveys can be administered at any time of the year. Just visit our store.
  • At-a-Glance Summary Report: Includes Key Data Survey response ratios.
  • Action Step recommendations based on the satisfaction levels in each survey category,

StratVisor provides up to six action step recommendations, designed to be implemented by management staff. These address potential causes and effects of issues, and offer suggestions of corrective actions to improve tenant satisfaction.

Rockman’s (and StratVisor’s ) Customer Satisfaction Assessment combined with our Strategic Performance Assessment(SPA) will provide you with even greater insight into your organization’s processes that may be impacting your profits and brand.

  • Rate your organization based on over 15 industry best practices and innovations
  • Provide you with prioritized initiatives for the biggest return on investment
  • Link your organizational performance with your vendor, service provider, and employee satisfaction results This provides a powerful strategic planning tool

For additional information on Satisfaction Assessments or other Rockman Advisory products and services, or value-added combination offers, please contact us, and a Rockman representative will contact you.

Real Estate & Cash-FLow Decisions

Real Estate – Small to medium-sized companies have to make decisions regarding real estate. Real estate is usually the 2nd highest cost after payroll for most companies. Factors to be considered include:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Own
  • Lease
  • Debt and equity needed
  • Location

There are several strategies that may be considered regarding real estate, such as:

  • Disposition of vacant space
  • Increase of virtual offices
  • Relocations to lower cost space
  • Early terminations
  • Reduction in rental rates
  • Sale and lease back strategies
  • Potential sublease options

Strategies will depend on product type and fit for the client’s future business. We complete a Scorecard for objective decision making. From the selection in the Scorecard, we develop a roadmap with prioritized initiatives to determine the right direction for your company.

Real estate can be an asset – and a potential liability. Our real estate tool box has enabled our clients to enhance returns and cash, while reducing costs and mitigating risk.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Portfolio Strategic Planning
  • Financial Scenario Planning
  • Asset Positioning
  • Site Selection Modeling
  • Asset Disposition Program
  • Equity Selection
  • Disposition Categorization
  • Asset Management

Cash Decisions

Whether you are launching a company, contracting, or rapidly growing, your need for cash changes.

One of the biggest strains is a growing need for cash, when accounts receivables (AR) are not collected within 30 days. The more people that get hired, the greater strain on cash if the AR is delayed.

We help companies look at several options to improve their cash flow. The options are strategies for:

  • Client contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • Service provider contracts
  • Real estate
  • Factoring all AR
  • Factoring only a few clients’ AR
  • Contract employees


Our CRM captures changing data to include: contacts, leads, sales, pipeline, conversion rate (from lead to sale), sales cycle time, and client account management communication, including emails by all team members.

We provide outsourced maintenance, administration, management and monitoring of the CRM process. We provide multiple ways a partner can update and provide new opportunities at Mohr. For instance, Mohr can call in leads and progress, or send a short email to us. We also call the partners to clarify and process any changes in the status of their leads to stay on top of the information and provide up-to-the-minute changes that display on the dashboards. We can also push reports to the partners. The outsourcing process provides Mohr partners the ability to reduce time on administration and obtain important information required to make decisions.

  • To help get everyone on board with the new processes we can build mini training modules (short duration elearning) or webcasts.
  • We seek to motivate the users/ partners in such a way that promotes a fast response.
  • Marketing initiatives will have return on investment (ROI) tracked by each marketing tactic and customized dashboards for each person involved in client management. As a team member or manager/executive, you can see ongoing changes in the pipeline, current email communications, analysis, and analytics impacting the client in real time. The result in decision making is greatly enhanced with this system.
  • The intelligence gained from the analysis helps adjust marketing tactics to drive more targeted quality leads and ultimately close sales within a shorter period of time.


Implementation & Training

Implementation – Our Implementations can range from new:

  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Procedures
  • Human Resources
  • Strategies
  • Organizational modules
  • Scorecards
  • Incentive Plans
  • Platforms

We can help in an advisory capacity, as a coach, as a project and/or program manager, and/or  as a full consulting team. We go at your pace and can help you move forward providing a resource that is available on a fractional basis, in an interim C-Suite/executive role, part time, full time, or on an outsourced basis.

Rockman will advise you through the entire implementation process. We will be there to guide, assist and support your team until you have reached the success factors we helped you to develop in your strategic growth plan.

Training – Training is a key component of implementation and can provide: standardization, consistent processes, awareness of the company brand and culture, and risk mitigation. Our services in training provide you with powerful tools that clients can customize to address their specific company-wide training needs. This is an important step towards improving customer and employee satisfaction scores. We have trained executives, managers, employees, and vendors across the enterprise.

We offer several training options, including instructor-led classes, customized eLearning portals, off-the-shelf eLearning modules, or a combination thereof. Training can focus on various goals and methods:

  • Link business goals with training
  • Training linked to performance achievement and incentives
  • Live training sessions that include team building exercises and case studies
  • eLearning modules for customer satisfaction in English and Spanish
  • Customize eLearning modules for other topics, or processes such as the use of CRM